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This website has been created for informational, educational, and administrative services.  Our home page is full of quick access links to help you get where you are going quickly and conveniently.  

Privacy policy

All forms utilized on our website are secure and our office follows current HIPPA guidelines to insure your protected health information is safe and secure.  
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Limitation of liability

Nothing in this website is designed to be diagnostic in nature, if you have a dental problem, you need to see a dentist for a complete examination and diagnosis.  We do our best to provide you the details of current discounts and specials in our office, however, there may be other exclusions or limitations not mentioned on the website, so contact our office for specifics about any of our specials or discount offers.  Offers and discounts are not exchangeable for cash and the services mentioned cannot be exchanged for other services.  Specials and discounts may not be combined with other specials or discounts unless specified in the description.   

Customer support

If you are having difficulty with our website, please use the contact information below to email us and explain the problem.  We do our best to insure the site functions on the most common browsers and devices, if you suspect this is a problem, try using a different type of browser or device.  You can always call or email us for assistance.